LEKLI sh.p.k successfully passes the  inspection for GMP

LEKLI sh.p.k successfully passes the inspection for GMP

LEKLI sh.p.k hereby informs that the Ministry of  Health and Social Protection, pursuant to Article 5 of Law No. 105/2014, dated 31.07.2014 "On Drugs and Pharmaceutical Service”, as amended, and Chapter XI,  paragraph 11.1 of Decision of Council of Ministers No.  359,  dated   29.04.2015  "On the approval of the Regulation on the Principles and Good Practice Guidelines for Human Drug Manufacturing in the Republic of Albania”, upon proposal of the Drug Manufacturing Conditions Verification Committee in the Republic of Albania, has approved the Authorization for the GMP “Human Drug Manufacturing”.

“I am very happy to inform that the Minister of Health and Social Protection, based on the proposals of the DMCVC RoA, has approved the Authorization for the GMP “Human Drug Manufacturing”.

LEKLI sh.p.k has invested in new manufacturing facilities and in the latest technology in compliance with the GMP requirements, because we recognize the importance of treatment for patients with rare and life-threatening diseases in the Republic of Albania. The GMP authorization, following the full auditing carried out by the MoHSP, is an evidence of the hard work and dedication of the LEKLI sh.p.k employees.

I wish for this dedication to also continue in the future, to allow us to meet the specific needs of the country, which are difficult for the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industry to cover” stated Dr. Luan Lekli, President of LEKLI sh.p.k.


LEKLI sh.p.k is a pharmaceutical company focused on market research and manufacture of medical products for human use.Our experience in pharmaceuticals began in 1986 and resulted in the establishment of LEKLI sh.p.k in 1991 by Dr. Luan Lekli. During these years, LEKLI sh.p.k managed to grow from a well- established Pharma company to a company with cross border presence.
In the following years, we specialized in the field of rare diseases, leading the market and making sure that every single patient is able to live a better life. In 2015, LEKLI sh.p.k established a production facility, manufacturing generic drugs, Phytotherapeutics and orphan drugs. To cover all the needs of the Albanian market, we produce prescription, non-prescription, extemporaneous and stock pharmaceutical preparations.
Our experience spans more than 25 years in the Balkan market, during which we have established our presence through our operations in Albania and in Kosovo. Today we have a strong brand equity and awareness. Together with our highly motivated, experienced and empowered management team we lead the market in special indications areas.
For more information:

LEKLI sh.p.k  Headquaters
Blv. Bajram Curri, Nd.172,
H.8, 1010 Tiranë, Albania
+355 42 374517
+355 68 900 5483
Fax: +355 42 374518
Production Facility
Autostrada Tiranë-Durrës,
Rr. Egnatia, Mbrapa Megatek,
Tiranë, Albania
+355 68 900 5486
LEKLI sh.p.k Tiranë
Rr. Reshit Petrela,
Pall.14, H.21, 1010,
Tiranë, Albania
+355 68 900 5488
LEKLI sh.p.k Durrës
Rr. Aleksandër Goga,
2001 Durrës, Albania
+355 68 900 5489
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